August 2

Where Good Health Grows

If we want our food to be organic, so should our cannabis.

Organic cannabis all comes down to the way its grown.

Modern cultivation practices grow cannabis with supplements and chemical fertilizers designed to feed the plant to maximize its yield and THC content. These non-organically grown plants are loaded with heavy metals and salts. As a result, this has a drastically negative impact on the plant’s entirety.

When you indulge in your favorite strain, it may not be obvious that your treasured flower is enhanced with ‘super chemicals’ and ‘specialized plant foods’ that carry chemicals and toxins. These toxins are unnatural and are not meant to be channeled through our bodies. Inhaled chemicals are typically present at much higher levels in the body than those that are orally ingested. Smoking chemical flowers directly enters our bloodstream.

Organic cannabis is grown natural using sustainable methods without synthetics. The soil is prepared with 100% organic components that contain living microorganisms that help create an ecosystem similar to nature. Natural fertilizers such as earthworm humus, charcoal, bone, banana and animal feces are used in organic cultivation. Producing high quality, cleaning pesticide free cannabis.

This allows the cannabis to naturally elevate its flavor and aroma. Organic cannabis produces the perfect amount of terpenes, terpenoids and cannabinoids, the combination responsible for the the delicious smell of this beautiful plant.

The benefits are a clean product for consumption, seductive taste and aroma with an incredible effect, that the plant originally intends to offer us.

100% healthy and 0% dangerous.